Noteworthy and Current Information

President's Message 

I would like to welcome each and everyone of you.  You may be new to us, or a long standing member, either way I am grateful you have joined us here on our new website.

This guild was new to me just a few short years ago.  I was captivated the first moment I saw this craft presented to me in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia just 7 years ago.  Up until that time I had never seen this art form before.  It took my breath away from the very rustic folk art style to the most intricately created portraits I saw in the Maritime Museum.   After that I knew I was hooked, and I had to try it too.

When I returned home I had a fortuitous encounter at Kal Tire... I met Mary, a very talented artist and the vice president of the guild at the time!  She told me about this wonderful group here in our city.  I knew I had to see what it as all about from that moment on.

I was captivated the second I stepped into the hall that May at the “Spring Tea.” It was the yearly rug hooking show where guild members displayed their works to the public.  The beautiful art form and the amazing talents this group had to offer was not lost on me.  I am sure if you are thinking of joining you will forever be changed by this group just like I was.

Recently I made my way back to Nova Scotia and was once again inspired by the scenery and found that the rug hooking art form is different in different regions there.  From Cheticamp on Cape Breton to Lunenburg and the numerous places in between, the way people express themselves through this art form still amazes me.  I found a few stores along the way that sold kits and supplies.  I have to say that our own guild store has many treasures and supplies that I found were also present in stores throughout Nova Scotia.  Although we may be out west, we do not lack the talent nor the supplies to keep creating the art we love. So please join me in celebrating this art form and let your talents shine.  I can honestly say I have found like-minded people here who love to share their knowledge and skill of this craft form and helped me grow as a person just by being amongst them.

We pride ourselves on sharing our love of this art form with all. The talent and knowledge that is shared here is priceless, so welcome to our guild!

Yvonne Klatt

Current Events

September 2022.     LOOKING FORWARD
This September meeting had an especially good feel about it.  We filled Pleasantview Hall with enthusiasm and excitement.  Smiles were fully visible, and the air was filled with anticipation. It’s been a long road back!
Our meeting was one of forward motion.  We are back in action, planning for tomorrow and the future.  Check out Yvonne’s email for an overview of planned activities.  Personal connection and activities enjoyed together are speaking loudly.  Our attendance filled the tables comfortably and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drifted from the kitchen.
Much excitement focused on our new website soon to be online; the site will be a one stop shop.  A lot of work and long hours have gone into this latest project It promises to be a wonderful resource for all of us.  Many thanks to all who have volunteered their time with this.   for it, it’s coming soon.
Check out the Leduc Art Foundry at  Our rug hooking is on display and this would make a great road trip during the month of September. Again many volunteer hours have gone into bringing this beautiful display to the public. Thank you to all.
So, without further ado, get ready for our new year.  It will be filled with brilliant colors and enrichment. Our love of rug hooking will once again be shared in person at Guild.  It’s been so long coming.


Featured Stories

October 2022.     Inspiration at the Foundry


Our group of four found inspiration at the Foundry in Leduc.  Our creativity was fed by the Hooked Rug Display, Edmonton Traditional Rug Hooking and Beyond that was hosted Sept 4 to 30th.  We travelled Queen EII and arrived at our destination on a beautiful fall day.  The colours that would excite us awaited inside the building.
We were greeted by the new guild banner.  It shouted “Welcome” in brilliant colours and playful designs.  Strung across the back wall it drew us in.
The rich colours and talent that filled the walls was amazing. The guild did a great job of sharing our passion for rug hooking.  There was traditional hooking, and personal designs of all descriptions, 3D pumpkins displayed a patch of fascinating produce.  There were pillows and portraits, as well as many wall hangings and floor rugs. 

This beautiful fibre art display delivered!  Many trips around the room were necessary to soak up all there was on offer.
The artists’ statements added a delightful layer of fun.  They were so personal and added something special to each piece.

Our group spent the afternoon viewing and enjoying.  It was just grand to have new ideas springing to life as we wandered through the show.   Thank you to all members who allowed their work to be shown and enjoyed, your work was a great inspiration to all who attended.  Our love for the art of rug hooking truly presented itself beautifully to the public who attended the show.

A generous thank you to the Leduc Foundry for the invitation and above all a huge thank you to Linda Chapelsky and volunteers for their hours of dedication that made this demonstration of our craft possible.


Spotlight on Pioneers/Meet the Members Who Made it Work

Coming Soon!